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We offer a series of free webinars with famous SPLA Man on datacenter licensing topics, relevant skills and useful knowledge. The webinars are suitable for licensing managers, for admins and all persons searching for insights on:

  • CSP subscription consumption

  • optimized CSP licensing and

  • Azure consumption


Our Webinars  



Coffee (or alternative beverage) with SPLA Man

>> First Thursday of each Month <<

SPLA Man will take you through the latest news of Microsoft licensing, clarify some common mistakes and answer your questions.

  • Recap of previous session
  • Top licensing/compliance questions from hosters around the world
  • Updates from Microsoft
  • Upcoming events and Microsoft trainings

Each webinar will be held live at two times. Please choose the time that fits best to your time zone and schedule.

First session: 7 am Central Time = 2 pm CET
recommended time for European guests

Second session: 11 am Central Time = 6 pm CET
recommended time for American guests

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